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Customer Offer

Jan Sloan, Development Manager

Hello.  I have been part of the Customer Offer work-stream during Phase 1 of the Spend Well - Spend Wisely - Spend Less programme.

Clanmil is all about making a real and lasting difference to our tenants and the communities they live in so it’s vitally important that we get our customer offer right.  Our group has been focussing on finding out exactly how our tenants experience us now, which elements of our customer offer they really value and where there are opportunities to deliver our services more efficiently.  This has been our starting point – Clarify Current Customer Offer.

This has involved a desk top exercise to identify what we are required to do within the law by our regulators and working alongside staff to learn about what they do on the ground to try and make our offer as consistent as it can be.

This has been such an interesting exercise.  Thank you to everyone who’s been helping by talking us through their processes and answering our endless questions!

Now that we have our current customer offer base line data, we’ll be moving on Phase 2 to work out costs.