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Welfare Changes

Over the past few years, the Government has made a number of changes to the welfare system in Great Britain. These changes are now being introduced in Northern Ireland.

These changes are the biggest to be made to the benefit and tax credit system in over 70 years.

Most working age benefits will be phased out over the coming years and new benefits, with new payment systems, will replace them.

The Northern Ireland Executive has committed £501 million in a four year package to help those who have and will be affected by these changes.

For a brief explanation of the welfare changes click on the links below:

Personal Independence Payments

Benefit Cap

Universal Credit

Employment and Support Allowance

Housing Benefit

Finance Support

Disputing a Social Security Benefit Decision

For more information visit www.nidirect.gov.uk/welfarechanges

Clanmil Welfare Changes Information Leaflets

Clanmil has prepared a number of leaflets to help explain the recent changes. You can download them below.

A Step by Step guide to making and maintaining a Universal Credit claim online

Bedroom Tax (PDF Download)

Personal Independence Payments (PDF Download)

Carers Allowance (PDF Download)

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